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RohoInternational Services

Protecting the health of our residents

Since the onset of the virus, RohoInternational communities have been working to maintain the health and well-being of our residents through ongoing testing, contact tracing and strict safety protocols. All Roho communities are enrolled in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccination Program – ensuring residents receive top priority.

Keeping families connected and informed

Maintaining contact with family and friends is vital to everyone's well-being. As the COVID-19 landscape continues to evolve, we also know how important it is to create an open line of communication between Roho communities and increase and improve the quality of engagement among families and communities related to planning and implementing programs and activities that assist residents.


In our communities that offer care services, each resident receives a thorough assessment from a licensed nurse of their physical, emotional and functional status prior to move-in. During the first 30 days, a reassessment will be performed to verify that we are providing the appropriate level of care. Thereafter, additional assessments are performed no less often than quarterly or as needed based on caregiver recommendations or a perceived change in condition.

Roho Cares

Roho International provides emergency financial assistance – not loans – to qualifying Atria employees who are faced with financial hardships due to unforeseen and often tragic events in their personal lives. More than $2.2 million has been disbursed by Atria Cares to more than 2,383 employees. Roho Cares is primarily funded by employee payroll deductions, individual donations and community fundraising. Roho funds all administrative costs of Atria Cares and makes contributions to Roho Cares in support of its charitable activities, including the Boatman Scholarship program

Need a Personal Care Plan?

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